July 3, 2015






Our Staff

Margaret Anderson  ……..  Primary Consultant/Directress

Primary Directress at the Montessori School St. Clair since 1984, Directress at the Edwardsville Montessori School, 1975 – 1984 Classroom Assistant at the Edwardsville Montessori School  1973-1975; Kindergarten and First Grade public school teaching for state certificate 1973

Mary Sharkey  ……..  Head Directress

Head Directress at the Montessori School St. Clair since 2015:  A.M.I. Certified   2009.  Montessori School St. Clair Classroom Assistant   2000 – 2005; Montessori School St. Clair Administrative Assistant  15 years.  Head Directress of the Montessori School St. Clair 2015.

Tiffany Kirby  ……..  Primary Directress in training/Administrative Assistant

Tiffany Kirby worked as a Classroom Assistant under Margaret Anderson for 4 years at the Montessori School St. Clair.  Mrs. Kirby  worked with the Edwardsville School District teaching in the Special Education Department 2012 – 2015.  We are thrilled to announce that Tiffany Kirby has decided to begin work with Mrs. Sharkey and become an A.M.I. Montessori Directress.


Our History

1980 The Fairview Heights satellite school, The Children’s House -St. Clair, was opened with the first Primary Class 9:00 -11:45 at William Holliday School in Fairview Heights, IL. Margaret Anderson Directress of the new school.

1984  The Children’s House added Extended Day until 2:30 PM.

1990  The school’s name was changed to the Montessori School St. Clair.

1992  The Montessori School St. Clair moved to Belleville IL

2015  The Montessori School St. Clair changed it’s name to Metro East Montessori.

2015 The Metro East Montessori School of Edwardsville leased the building and ownership of the Montessori School St. Clair to Mary Sharkey.

2015 The Montessori School St. Clair begins first year with Mrs. Sharkey as Head Directress.